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Also known as 'Biotech' , it is the use of micro-organisms and biological substances to perform specific industrial or manufacturing procedures.

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Biotechnology; Biochemistry

The use of technology to change something found in nature so that it can be of use to humans.


Biology; Biochemistry

Giving off light as a result of chemical reactions that take place in the tissues of the body.


Biology; Biochemistry

Something produced in the process of making something else. When plants produce carbohydrates during photosynthesis.


Biology; Biochemistry

Bacteria that contain chlorophyll and perform photosynthesis. They are important in the nitrogen cycle because they change the form of atmospheric nitrogen.


Biology; Biochemistry

A living thing that feeds on dead plants or animals. Decomposers make important nutrients available to plants.


Biology; Biochemistry

The breaking down of dead plant and animal matter by bacteria or fungi; decomposition or to be broken down into simpler chemical compounds.


Biology; Biochemistry

A sugar found in honey, many fruits, and some vegetables. Fructose is similar to glucose and is an important source of energy.