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Physics; Acoustics

Microphones designed to be used underwater.


Physics; Acoustics

Unwanted sound.

underwater acoustics

Physics; Acoustics

Underwater sound, which can be used in conducting underwater measurements.


Physics; Acoustics

Mechanical wave disturbances through matter, which may or may not be audible by the human ear.


Physics; Acoustics

An oscillatory disturbance which moves away from some source and transports no discernible amount of matter over large distances of propagation.

acoustic trauma

Science; Acoustics

Instantaneous injury to or destruction of one or more components of the auditory system, caused by exposure to a very high transient sound pressure (e.g. from an explosion or ...

acoustic turbulence

Science; Acoustics

A term used to describe the finite-amplitude evolution of a broadband acoustic waveform, as it propagates under the combined effects of non-linearity and dissipation. It implies ...