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acoustic signature

Science; Acoustics

A pressure time-history, usually of a transient type (e.g. acoustic signature of a gunshot), that is characteristic of a particular sound source. The meaning is sometimes ...

acoustic sink

Science; Acoustics

An object or region that acts as a net absorber of acoustic energy under transient conditions, or of acoustic power under steady-state conditions.

absorbing boundary condition

Science; Acoustics

In computational acoustics a condition that is applied at the computational domain boundary to simulate extension of the domain to infinity, i.e. free-field radiation. The domain ...

absorption cross-section

Science; Acoustics

Of an object in an acoustic medium the area σ in the equation W abs =σI inc that gives the net sound power absorbed (within the object or the immediately surrounding medium), ...

acoustic telescope

Science; Acoustics

A device for imaging a distributed acoustic source from the far field. It may consist of an ellipsoidal reflector, with the remote focus placed near the source, or alternatively, ...

acoustic thermometry

Science; Acoustics

The use of acoustic travel time data to infer the temperature along an underwater ray path, by inversion of standard relationships between temperature and sound speed.

acoustic tomography

Science; Acoustics

In underwater acoustics the analysis of coded signals exchanged between multiple pairs of transmitting and receiving systems, in order to study ocean or sea bed properties. As an ...