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acoustic wallpaper

Science; Acoustics

Background sound introduced on purpose in order to mask other noise sources, thereby generating a more acceptable acoustic environment.

acoustic wavelength

Science; Acoustics

For sound at a specified frequency in a given medium the quantity c/f, where f is the frequency and c is the sound speed in the medium.

absolute threshold

Science; Acoustics

For a particular listener presented with a specified acoustic signal the minimum level at which the acoustic signal (e.g. a pure tone) is detectable by the listener, in a ...

architectural acoustics

Science; Acoustics

The acoustics of the built environment which includes such elements as room acoustics, acoustical design of auditoriums and concert halls, control of noise transmission into and ...

average sound pressure level

Science; Acoustics

In a reverberant space the level calculated from the spatially-averaged mean square sound pressure in the reverberant field. Regions close to a source where the direct field ...

acoustic source strength distribution

Science; Acoustics

In the context of far-field imaging of line sources the mean square pressure radiated in a given direction per unit length of source region, multiplied by the square of the ...

acoustic scatterer

Science; Acoustics

A passive obstacle or an inhomogeneity in the medium that produces a scattered field when irradiated by sound waves.