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high, medium and low (HML)

Science; Acoustics

3-values related to the attenuation provided by hearing protectors at high, medium and low frequencies - supplied by the manufacturer.


Science; Acoustics

A 3-D plot displaying the amplitude of spectral components as a function of both time and frequency. The frequency spectrum is displayed as a curve for each specified time ...

statistical analysis

Science; Acoustics

A calculation performed by a sound level meter on the noise levels measured during the measurement period to describe the statistical levels Ln of the noise - more details.

milibars (mb)

Science; Acoustics

A common metric unit of atmospheric pressure, one hundredth of a bar. 1 mb = 0.001 bar = 100 Pa, pascals. A Pascal is one Newton per square meter.

watt second (WS)

Science; Acoustics

A common metric unit of work or energy, representing the energy delivered at a rate of 1 watt for a period of 1 second. 1 watt second = 1 J = 1 N·m

artificial voice

Science; Acoustics

A complex sound, usually emitted by an artificial mouth, whose spectrum corresponds to that of the average human voice.


Science; Acoustics

A continuous range of frequencies between two limiting frequencies.