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Translation & localization

1) The converting of one language into another for the purpose of facilitating understanding and 2)The process of adapting a language for a specific country or region, or translation of a product into another language so it is marketable in a specific country or region

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Language; Translation

An electronically readable database of naturally produced texts (i.e. texts which have been written for genuine communicative purposes and not invented for analysis) which can be ...

corpus linguistics

Language; Translation

A branch of linguistics that bases analysis on corpora (see corpus) using tools such as concordances and statistical analyses of phenomena such as collocation.


Language; Translation

The other lexical items that occur before and after a word.

covert translation

Language; Translation

Term coined by Juliane House (1977). A translation which conceals anything that betrays the foreignness of a source text. Unlike overt translation, a covert translation ...

cultural turn

Language; Translation

A metaphor that has been adopted by cultural studies oriented translation theorists to refer to the analysis of translation in its cultural, political and ideological context.


Language; Translation

A philosophical theory, centered in the work of Jacques Derrida and allied to poststructuralism and postmodernism, which interrogates language, discovers the multiple ...


Language; Translation

Covers the decontextualized, dictionary meaning of a given lexical item.