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Translation & localization

1) The converting of one language into another for the purpose of facilitating understanding and 2)The process of adapting a language for a specific country or region, or translation of a product into another language so it is marketable in a specific country or region

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Language; Translation

A text type in which the focus is on the formation of future behavior, either ‘with option’ as in advertising or ‘without option’ as in legal instruction (e.g. treaties, ...


Language; Translation

A feature of human language which determines the appropriateness of a linguistic form to the achievement of a pragmatic purpose (see pragmatics).


Language; Translation

Excessive influence of source text lexis or syntax on the target text (see syntactic structures, syntax). One of Toury’s two laws of translation.

interlinear translation

Language; Translation

A type of extremely literal, word-for-word translation in which target language words are arranged item by item below the source text words to which they correspond.

interlingual translation

Language; Translation

Translation between two different languages.


Language; Translation

Used in postcolonialism to refer to the process of stereotyping and subjection of the discourse and image of the colonized.

interpersonal meaning

Language; Translation

Language used to establish a relationship between text producer and text receiver.