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Translation & localization

1) The converting of one language into another for the purpose of facilitating understanding and 2)The process of adapting a language for a specific country or region, or translation of a product into another language so it is marketable in a specific country or region

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Language; Translation

Spoken translation, sometimes also called ‘interpretation’.


Language; Translation

In relevance theory, this is the use of language in an observer-like manner. In translation, this mode seeks to resemble the original in all relevant aspects.

intersemiotic translation

Language; Translation

Translation between the written word and another medium (e.g. music, art, photography).


Language; Translation

A precondition for the intelligibility of texts, involving the dependence of one text upon another. Horizontal intertexuality involves direct reference to another text. Vertical ...

intralingual translation

Language; Translation

Translation within the same language (e.g. paraphrase or rewording).


Language; Translation

A term used by Venuti (1995) to describe translations which tend to be heavily domesticated (i.e. which conform to the expected linguistic and cultural patterns of the target ...


Language; Translation

In Nida’s analysis, kernels are the most basic syntactic elements to which a sentence may be reduced.