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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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travel product

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Refers to any product or service that is bought by or sold to consumers of trade including accommodations, attractions, events, restaurants, transportation, etc.

travel seasons

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Travel industry business cycles including: Peak: Primary travel season Off Peak: Period when business is slowest Shoulder: Period between peak and off peak periods when business ...

travel agent

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

An individual who arranges travel for individuals or groups. Travel agents may be generalists or specialists (cruises, adventure travel, conventions and meetings. ) The agents ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Definitions very, but in general a traveler is someone who leaves their own economic trade area, (usually going a distance of a minimum of fifty to one hundred miles) and stays ...

travel trade

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The collective term for tour operators, wholesalers and travel agents.

two star hotel

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Budget hotels; slightly more expensive; usually has maid service daily.

twin room

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A hotel room equipped with 2 single beds.