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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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one star hotel

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Low budget hotels; inexpensive; may not have maid service or room service.


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Overnight accommodation originally targeted to automobile travelers and therefore, situated at roadside locations. A more contemporary definition would be the provision of ...

no show

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

To book a room and not to come to the hotel the foretold arrival day, without having cancelled its reservation to the hotel before. Making No-show often lays yourself open to see ...

no category hotels

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

These hotels include motels, cottages, bungalows and others with limited services. Nevertheless, these hotels represent 41% of the total hotel market share.

net rate

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The rate provided to wholesalers and tour operators that can be marked up to sell to the customer.


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Deluxe equipment used by most tour operators in group tour programs. Amenities include reclining seats, bathrooms, air conditioning, good lighting and refreshment availability.

market share

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The percentage of business within a market category.