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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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press trips

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Organized trips for travel writers and broadcasters for the purpose of assisting them in developing stories about tourism destinations. Often, journalists travel independently, ...

peaks and valleys

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The high and low end of the travel season. Travel industry marketers plan programs to build consistent year-round business and event out the “peaks and valleys. ”

pay TV

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Movies on demand. It is a process which enables you to watch movies anytime you want. The movie visualization is charged by the hotel on your extras bill.


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The name given to an assembly of components under a one price system. Typically, the core package price would include: return transportation, ground transfers, baggage handling, ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A situation in which more room reservations have been taken by a hotel than what the hotel is able to accommodate. Hotels that use overbooking as a policy are increasingly being ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A percentage indicating the number of bed nights sold (compared to number available) in a hotel, resort, motel or destination.


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The percentage of available rooms occupied for a given period of consecutive time. This figure is calculated by dividing the number of rooms occupied for a period by the number of ...