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Related to the process of embarking on a journey from one place to another.

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tourism tax

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

It is a tax decided by the municipality of the city where your hotel is located. Historically, this tax was implemented above all in the seasonal cities, for which tourism was an ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Any person who travels either for leisure or business purposes more than 100 miles (round-trip) in a day or who stays overnight away from his/her primary domicile.

traditional lodging

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Guests pay nightly rates for single rooms or suites and have full access to the hotels' range of amenities and services. Rates begin at "rack," but vary widely, based on time of ...


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

This refers to the transportation of visitors between their point of arrival and selected hotel, and back again on departure day.


Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Leisure and other travel including travel for business, medical care, education, etc. All tourism is travel, but not all travel is tourism.

transient occupancy tax

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

TOT or bed tax is a locally set tax on the cost of commercial accommodations and campgrounds.

tour operator

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Develops, markets and operates group travel programs that provide a complete travel experience for one price and includes transportation (airline, rail, motorcoach, and/or ship), ...