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Terms of or pertaining to the game of basketball which involves two teams of five players trying to work together to accumulate points by shooting or dunking a ball through a basket. The team with the most points by the end of the game wins.

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Jerry Sloan

Sports; Basketball

NBA Utah Jazz coach since 1988 and the longest-tenured coach in all of American professional sports to date, Jerry Sloan officially resigned on February 10, 2011. His coaching style held a 1221-803 ...

floor general

Sports; Basketball

A player that is the main decision maker on the court deciding where the ball will go.

out of bounds

Sports; Basketball

Going beyond the field of boundary; in basketball, if a ball goes out of bounds, it needs to be thrown back into play.


Sports; Basketball

Used for a player who is capable of playing more than two positions but is not ideal for any of them. Often used for a player stuck between the small forward and a power forward postion. Williamson ...


Sports; Basketball

Used as another way of saying "three pointer" or "three point shot". Miller hit 6 from downtown in last night's game.


Sports; Basketball

Another meaning for a dunk or jam in basketball. What an emphatic flush by Martin.


Sports; Basketball

Used negatively as a description of an especially unathletic basketball player usually over the height of 6'9 (about 208 centimeters).

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