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Belly dance

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Belly dance

harem dance

Dance; Belly dance

Evokes Hollywood's depiction of exotic concubine dancers from the Sultan's harem. It reflects the western perceptions about the secrecy of the harem and carries political connotations and ...


Dance; Belly dance

A sect within Islam focused on philosophy and mysticism.


Dance; Belly dance

It is a martial arts dance, in which the men enact fighting with long sticks as weapons.


Dance; Belly dance

It refers to a small bench or bed, and in the early nightclubs of Egypt, the musicians sat on such a bench to play.


Dance; Belly dance

Many dances--the plural of Raksah.


Dance; Belly dance

This is the Arabic word referring to a single specific dance.

raks sharki

Dance; Belly dance

In Arabic, this means "dance of the East", and refers to cabaret-style belly dance as it is performed in nightclubs in Egypt, Lebanon, and other Arabic countries.

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