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Belly dance

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Belly dance

raks al shamadan

Dance; Belly dance

This is an Egyptian dance traditionally performed at weddings in which the dancer has a large, ornate candelabrum on her head. "Shamadan" is the Egyptian word for "candelabrum".

raks al nasha'ar

Dance; Belly dance

This Khaleegy women's dance is a social dance traditionally done in the Persian Gulf at women's parties and weddings, even today.

modern egyptian dance

Dance; Belly dance

This is a contemporary Egyptian nightclub style of belly dancing. It is accompanied by European orchestral music imported by fashionable Cairo nightclubs to satisfy Western tastes.


Dance; Belly dance

When the hands meet together above the head.

snaking steeple

Dance; Belly dance

A steeple formation is snaked down in front of the face.

arm arcs

Dance; Belly dance

Both hands meet at the back (or front) then open out in unison forming an arc or circle around the body.

serpentine arms

Dance; Belly dance

Hands weave in and out (vertical). Starting from above the head and weaving down. Reverse will start at waist level and weave to above the head. It will look like 2 snakes entwining as you move up ...

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