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Any sweet, baked foodstuff that is usually made by mixing flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder.

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christmas pudding

Baked goods; Cakes

A dark, heavy, steamed pudding made of dried and candied fruits, spices, beef suet, and crumbs.

creaming method

Baked goods; Cakes

A mixing method that begins with the blending of fat and sugar; used for cakes, cookies, and similar items.

devil's-food cake

Baked goods; Cakes

A chocolate cake made with a high percentage of baking soda, which gives the cake a reddish color.


Baked goods; Cakes

A traditional Chinese baked product made to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncakes are generally fat in width, and can be stuffed with filling derived from a mixture of any of the following: ...


Baked goods; Cakes

A type of icing made of boiled sugar syrup that forms a mass of extremely small white crystals.


Baked goods; Cakes

A rich cream made of sweet chocolate and heavy cream.

baked alaska

Baked goods; Cakes

A dessert made of ice cream, sponge cake, and then covered with meringue. It is also browned in the oven.

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