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Any sweet, baked foodstuff that is usually made by mixing flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder.

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Baked goods; Cakes

Blondies are similar to brownies, but are more cake-like in texture. Blondies get their name from their golden cookie coloring. They have a butterscotch taste and can include nuts, toffee pieces, ...

pumpple cake

Baked goods; Cakes

A dessert that combines pie with cake, pumpple cake is a pumpkin and apple pie baked in chocolate and vanilla cake batter respectively, then layered on top of one another and iced with buttercream ...


Baked goods; Cakes

Of German origins, this yeast cake is custard-filled and has a honey, butter, and almond frosting.


Baked goods; Cakes

A yeast ring originating in Eastern European, baked with raisins or other dried fruit in the dough. Similar to coffee cake, without the glaze or streusel. Today it also is also made in a loaf shape. ...

rhum baba

Baked goods; Cakes

A cylindrical cake that contains raisins or currants. Usually the yeast dough is soaked in a rum-flavored sugar syrup before baking.

Buche de Noel

Baked goods; Cakes

Buche de Noel is a cake roll, usually made and served around the Christmas holiday. Originating from France, Buche de Noel means "yule log." This cake has a jelly and chocolate buttercream frosting ...

Boston cream pie

Baked goods; Cakes

Without being mislead by the word choice in the identification of this dessert, Boston cream pie is actually a cake made from sponge cake that is layered with vanilla custard. The cake has a ...

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