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Any sweet, baked foodstuff that is usually made by mixing flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder.

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spice cake

Baked goods; Cakes

A general type of cake that uses spices to accentuate the taste.

foam cake

Baked goods; Cakes

Foam cakes are light and airy, with a lower fat content than most other cakes. Angel food cake would be an example.


Baked goods; Cakes

A general type of cake that does uses very little to no flour, except in the crust. The eggs in the recipe helps this cake rise.

butter cake

Baked goods; Cakes

A butter cake is a general term for any cake made with a type of shortening (butter, margarine, oil, etc). The consistency is different than sponge cakes. [http://www.coolcake.in/ Cakes to Hyderabad]

bundt cake

Baked goods; Cakes

A bundt cake is a cake made in a pan, molded to produce a cake with a hole in the middle and fluted sides.


Baked goods; Cakes

Bite-sized pieces of cake, bouchons take a cork-like shape (bouchon French for cork). Chocolate chips can be added to the batter.


Baked goods; Cakes

A cake that is made of cake batter and mousse; this cake takes a dome-shaped form.

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