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Any sweet, baked foodstuff that is usually made by mixing flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder.

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bacca di montagna cake

Baked goods; Cakes

This cake literally means "berries from the mountain" and consists of an almond biscotti crumb, pressed along the sides, and topped with blueberries and raspberries. The cake itself is a white ...

window cake

Baked goods; Cakes

A cake that begins with two logs of sponge cake. One log is dyed pink and both are baked. After the baking process, the logs are cut into two and connected to one another to form a square with ...


Baked goods; Cakes

Likened to almond paste, marzipan is sweeter in taste, contains more sugar, and can be consumed directly (almond paste is usually used as an ingredient). Aside from being produced for direct ...

angel food cake

Baked goods; Cakes

Light and airy, this cake is usually made in a tube pan, which allows it to rise higher. Angel food cake is commonly served with fruit and whipped cream.

upside-down cake

Baked goods; Cakes

Most popular is the pineapple upside-down cake, but most fruit can be included. Upside-down cakes are made with fruit at the bottom of the pan with batter poured over it. The pan has a curved ...

applesauce cake

Baked goods; Cakes

Cake made with applesauce, with raisins, nuts, and spices included. It can have a brown sugar frosting or go without.

bee sting cake

Baked goods; Cakes

Of German origins, this yeast cake is custard-filled and has a honey, butter, and almond frosting.

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