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ball up

Dance; Cheerleading

The bases launch the flier in the air. She stays in a ball until she hits her peak, and stands up in a one leg extension. Commonly followed by a tick tock.

star basket toss

Dance; Cheerleading

While in the air, once starting to fall, the flyer will put a leg up like in a scale, and the other will be straight facing diagonally downward. The hands will be in a high V, then she'll pop back ...

pike basket toss

Dance; Cheerleading

Same as toetouch basket toss but the flyer will perform a pike.


Dance; Cheerleading

A physical activity, sometimes a competitive sport, based on organized routines, usually ranging from one to three minutes, which contain the components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers, and ...

x jump

Dance; Cheerleading

A simply prep, swing, and jump with your arms in a high V and your legs spread apart routine. Just jump off the ground and it will look like an X. This jump is generally used to practice group timing ...


Dance; Cheerleading

The athlete involved in cheerleading.

double jump 

Dance; Cheerleading

This is when one performs any jump twice in a row.

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