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pencil/straight jump 

Dance; Cheerleading

This jump is usually the first you would learn. Mainly used for correcting the body position for the main jumps. Involves jumping completely straight with your arms in T-motion or in a point above ...

x-out basket toss/x-full

Dance; Cheerleading

Same as tuck basket toss, but while upside down in the tuck the flyer will perform the jump "spread eagle" which will make the body look like a X.

tuck basket toss

Dance; Cheerleading

While in the air the flyer will perform a tuck (front or back) then pop into cradle.

pretty girl kick twist basket toss

Dance; Cheerleading

During the ride the flyer does the pretty girl and at the height of the basket performs the kick twist.

kick twist basket toss

Dance; Cheerleading

At the height of the basket before falling, the flyer will kick one leg up then twist her body into a cradle. The flyer may twist up to two times.

pretty girl and show off basket toss

Dance; Cheerleading

When in the air, the flyer will do her legs like in a lib and put one hand on her waist and one behind her head, laying down.

toe touch basket toss

Dance; Cheerleading

During the basket toss, when the flyer is thrown into the air she stays in the "pencil" position. Once starting to fall, she does the toetouch jump, quickly pops back into pencil, and then into the ...

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