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Dance; Cheerleading

Also, the leg that was supported by hands in a regular scale is now "free" and is pointing to near as north or "12 o'clock" as flexibility allows the flyer to obtain. Where in a normal scale the ...

bow and arrow

Dance; Cheerleading

The flyer grabs her left foot with the right hand, and pulls her leg straight up beside her head. Then she pulls her left arm and upper torso through the hole the leg and arm made, holding it ...


Dance; Cheerleading

The flyer's other leg is held by his/her hand to the side and the leg is fully extended. The position is similar to the Scorpion, but one of the flyer's hands holds her ankle or calf (instead of her ...

teddy sit

Dance; Cheerleading

The flier is in a seated straddle with one base holding each leg and the backspot holds the same way as a sponge.


Dance; Cheerleading

The flyer then grabs the loose foot and bends that leg upward behind the body until the toes are close to the back of the head, in a position resembling a scorpion's tail. The foot is secured in ...

thigh stand

Dance; Cheerleading

The bases kneel on one leg or are in a lunge position. The bases have their feet touching each other by the sides of their shoes. The back spot will hold the flyer at the waist. She will then jump ...

dip jump

Dance; Cheerleading

A jump where there is no swinging of the arms in preparation for the jump. All the power for the jump comes from the legs.

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