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basket toss

Dance; Cheerleading

An advanced stunt in which the bases propel the flyer upwards (10-30+ feet) from the loading position. It is a toss by a maximum of four bases of a top straight up in the air so the flyer can perform ...


Dance; Cheerleading

Usually in a pyramid. 3-5 people in a hitch pyramid. The two out-side flyers are uaully on one girls shoulders (Shoulder sit. ) the two middle flyers (Who usually do all the cool stuff) are in an ...


Dance; Cheerleading

The base group faces forward holding the foot forward also. While the flyer is holding a lib but to the side so her knee if faceing the right while her standing leg is forward.

heel stretch 

Dance; Cheerleading

It is a stunt in which the base/bases holds one foot of the flyer while she holds the other foot in her hand and brings it beside her head.


Dance; Cheerleading

The base lifts the flyer onto his palm which he extends upwards into a Statue of Liberty position. She sits on his palm while he holds the ankle of one leg against his chest with his other arm. The ...


Dance; Cheerleading

From a lib, the flyer points their leg out behind them and their arms are in a "T" position.


Dance; Cheerleading

One or more bases holds up the flyer by the right foot and the flyer balances weight on the right leg. The flyer's other leg is bent with the foot positioned at about the knee level of the flyer, ...

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