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technical proficiency

Dance; Choreography

The ability to perform dance movement accurately and consistently, with kinesthetic awareness, and in the style of the genre or choreographer.

healthful physical behaviors

Dance; Choreography

Positive choices that contribute to a lifestyle required for dance proficiency: proper nutrition, adequate rest, conditioning, and the absence of tobacco, alcohol and other chemical substances.


Dance; Choreography

The act of creating and performing spontaneously in the fine arts.


Dance; Choreography

Coordination in the interplay of forces among the various parts of a composition; consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts.

ground bass

Dance; Choreography

A choreographic form in which a group of dancers repeat a series of simple movements while, in front, a smaller number of dancers (or soloist) perform (s) a contrasting, often more complex dance ...


Dance; Choreography

Types of dance, each having its own steps, style, and history.

form in dance

Dance; Choreography

The shape, structure, or contour of a composition according to a preconceived plan; the orderly arrangement of thematic material; the clarity of a movement or theme.

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