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motivational stimuli

Dance; Choreography

Catalysts that encourage movement based on goals and ideas.

movement idea

Dance; Choreography

A created movement that results from a thought or other motivation.

movement patterns

Dance; Choreography

Movement composed of the elements of dance in a regular arrangement, configuration or design; a dance pattern.

movement phrase

Dance; Choreography

A sequence of dance movements making up part of a choreographic pattern. A dance phrase.


Dance; Choreography

A choreographic structure that follows a specific story line and intends to convey specific information through that story.

physical attributes

Dance; Choreography

The abilities necessary to achieve technical proficiency in dance: agility alignment, articulation, balance, endurance, flexibility, placement, power, speed, strength, and timing.

physical discipline

Dance; Choreography

The ability to maintain the physical attributes necessary to achieve technical proficiency in dance.

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