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Dance; Choreography

Arrangement (symmetrical or asymmetrical) of proportionate parts so that equilibrium exists; manipulation of floor pattern, movements and dancers in relation to each other.

aesthetic principles

Dance; Choreography

Considerations that guide a choreographer in the creation of a dance: balance, climax, contrast, harmony, proportion, repetition, sequence, transition, unity, and variety.

aesthetic judgments

Dance; Choreography

Assessment and decision-making about the adequacy of fine art forms. (These are relative, never absolute, and depend upon the character of the form, need of the participant, and the environment.)

abstract concepts

Dance; Choreography

The ideas that have been removed, separated from, or condensed from concrete realities, specific objects or actual instances.


Dance; Choreography

Qualities or experience derived from or based upon the senses and how they are affected or stimulated.

locomotor movement

Dance; Choreography

A movement through space involving a change in location. A moving base involving a progressive relocation of the body in space. (The basic locomotor steps are walk,run, leap, hop, jump; irregular ...

movement sequence

Dance; Choreography

Movements linked together to form a series much like words linked together to form sentences, paragraphs and essays.

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