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Otherwise known as biscuits; this refers to any small, usually stiff cake made by rolling and slicing sweet dough into small shapes which are then baked.

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fat rascal

Baked goods; Cookies

A type of cake, similar to the scone in both taste and ingredients. The fat rascal often has no definitive shape and is relatively easy to make. First baked in Elizabethan times and originating ...

rainbow cake

Baked goods; Cookies

A confection made with layers of brightly colored, almond-based sponge cake, apricot and/or raspberry jam, and a chocolate coating.

Vienna Fingers

Baked goods; Cookies

A brand of cookie made by the Keebler Company, a division of Kellogg's. They consist of a sandwich of vanilla flavored outer crust filled with vanilla cream flavored filling. Akin to an Oreo, the ...

Walkers Shortbread

Baked goods; Cookies

A Scottish manufacturer of shortbread, biscuits, cookies and crackers. The company is Scotland's biggest exporter of food.


Baked goods; Cookies

A type of unleavened biscuit (cookie) which is traditionally made from one part white sugar, two parts butter, and three parts oatmeal flour. The use of plain white (wheat) flour is common today, ...


Baked goods; Cookies

A thin, crisp sweet or savory cookie or wafer made of dough or cheese. Originally from France, 'tuile' means tile in French, and is named after the shape of French roof tiles it is supposed to ...

Tim Tams

Baked goods; Cookies

Chocolate biscuits made by Arnott's Biscuits, Australia. A Tim Tam is composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of ...

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