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Otherwise known as biscuits; this refers to any small, usually stiff cake made by rolling and slicing sweet dough into small shapes which are then baked.

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Vegetable Thins

Baked goods; Cookies

Crackers from Christie which are baked with vegetables. The crackers are sold in Canada and the United States. Vegetable Thins are a spin-off product of Nabisco's popular, long-lived cracker ...


Baked goods; Cookies

A brand of Nabisco snack crackers which take the form of square baked whole wheat wafers. It was invented in 1900, a patent was granted in 1902, and the Shredded Wheat Company, in Niagara Falls, New ...

Teddy Grahams

Baked goods; Cookies

A bear shaped graham cracker snacks created by Nabisco. Introduced in 1988, Teddy Grahams come in two distinct shapes: bears with arms up and legs closed, and bears with legs open and arms down. ...

Stoned Wheat Thins

Baked goods; Cookies

A brand of cracker sold by Nabisco.

Social Tea

Baked goods; Cookies

A brand name of a tea biscuit owned by Nabisco International. First owned by Bakers of South Africa, the biscuits were a popular brand in both South Africa and the United Kingdom, before being ...


Baked goods; Cookies

A brand of Nabisco products. Introduced in 1992, its products include cookies of a variety of flavors including creme, shortbread, and devil's food cake. The cookies manufactured by Snackwell's are ...

Ritz Crackers

Baked goods; Cookies

A brand of snack cracker introduced by Nabisco in 1934. Outside of the United States, the Ritz Cracker brand is made by a subsidiary of Kraft Foods. They are circular in shape, salted lightly on one ...

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