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Otherwise known as biscuits; this refers to any small, usually stiff cake made by rolling and slicing sweet dough into small shapes which are then baked.

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Baked goods; Cookies

An American snack food company, a division of Kraft Foods, best known for its processed nuts and for the Mr. Peanut icon that symbolizes them. Mr. Peanut was created by grade schooler Antonio ...

Peek Frean

Baked goods; Cookies

A brand of biscuits and related confectionery. The brand is owned in the UK by United Biscuits, although the Peek Frean name is no longer used in the UK. In the USA and Canada the brand is owned by ...

nutter butters

Baked goods; Cookies

A Nabisco brand peanut-shaped sandwich cookie with a peanut butter filling, which was introduced to the public in 1969. The product is an official cookie of NASCAR.


Baked goods; Cookies

A brand owned by Nabisco that is most closely associated with its line of wafer biscuits. The name is a shortened version of vanilla, a flavor common to all Nilla-branded products (Nilla wafers have ...


Baked goods; Cookies

A brand name belonging to U. S. -based Kraft Foods for a number of gelatin desserts, including fruit gels, puddings and no-bake cream pies. The brand's popularity has led to it being used as a ...

In a Biskit

Baked goods; Cookies

A line of snack crackers produced by Nabisco. Originally released in Australia in 1968, the line has since grown to be available internationally.


Baked goods; Cookies

A snack food product line sold by Kraft Foods. The common two-compartment Handi-Snack has a small spread compartment and a larger compartment for cracker; a red plastic spreader is included with ...

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