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lining 3 pass

Home furnishings; Curtains

This is a fabric that has two layers of acrylic coating adhered to the base cloth. This protects your fabric from fading, completely blocks out the light, and acts as an insulator.

metal holdback

Home furnishings; Curtains

A decorative metal disc on a post. This attaches to your wall so you can drape your curtain over instead using of a tieback.

plain fabric tieback

Home furnishings; Curtains

A tieback made out of the same fabric as your curtain.

plain fabric tieback with cord trim

Home furnishings; Curtains

Same as above with a cord trim around the edges.


Home furnishings; Curtains

A Half Round Timber Fascia with a concealed metal rail attached. You attach your curtain to the plastic gliders that run along the track.

rear track

Home furnishings; Curtains

The rear rail on a double track. See Double Track above.

room darkening fabric

Home furnishings; Curtains

A fabric that reduces the incoming light. This fabric is not totally blockout.

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