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traverse rod

Home furnishings; Curtains

A curtain/drapery rod having a mechanism by which attached draperies can be drawn with a pull cord. For safety reasons make sure that all pull cords are not dangling free instead wrap them around the ...


Home furnishings; Curtains

A short drapery, decorative board, or metal/plastic strip mounted especially across the top of a window to conceal structural fixtures. Also an ornamental drapery hung across a top edge, as of a bed, ...


Home furnishings; Curtains

Fullness is a matter of personal taste. Our ready-made curtains are designed to fit one window about 28 to 45" wide and are about 1.5 times fullness. Draperies are usually fuller - up to 4 times the ...

boucle sheer

Home furnishings; Curtains

100% polyester textured netting-like fabric used as the sheer for the macrame ring lace drapes.

crush lace

Home furnishings; Curtains

Lace textiles created using an unique "crushing" process. It gives the lace a slightly crumpled effect. The texture is heat-set to last through repeated washings. This process may result in some size ...


Home furnishings; Curtains

A decorative window covering, hung with curtain rods, café rods, or small diameter decorator rods ( not over 3/4 inch). Most curtains have a 1.5 inch rod pocket and a 1 inch header (above the rod).

drape shade

Home furnishings; Curtains

Usually narrower than panels, flatter like a shade, the drape shade has tie-ups that give a soft, drape feeling.

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