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rope tieback

Home furnishings; Curtains

A decorative rope or plait to hold back your curtains.This type of tieback doesn't have a tassel.


Home furnishings; Curtains

A fabric that allows the full daylight to light the room but gives it daytime privacy from the outside.


Home furnishings; Curtains

A natural undyed fabric that sometimes incorporates into the weave tiny fragments of cotton seed which appear as a fleck.

single track

Home furnishings; Curtains

A rail to which either one curtain or a pair of curtains are attached.


Home furnishings; Curtains

A heading tape to which an unpleated curtain attaches. This type of heading tape gives the appearance of wave shape to the top of the curtain. There are no pleats.

stack direction

Home furnishings; Curtains

This is the direction to which the curtain slides to open. This only applies when there is only one curtain on a track.

tassel tieback

Home furnishings; Curtains

A decorative rope to hold back your curtains which can have one or two tassels.

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