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tassel trim

Home furnishings; Curtains

This is a decorative trim made of a row of tiny tassels that is stitched onto the leading edge of Style B Curtains.

tieback hooks

Home furnishings; Curtains

The metal hooks mounted into the wall that keep tiebacks in place around the curtains.


Home furnishings; Curtains

A metal rail with small plastic gliders to which your curtain attaches.

uncoated fabric

Home furnishings; Curtains

A fabric with no acrylic coating. Uncoated fabrics need a lining attached to protect the fabric from UV fading and to increase insulation properties.

cafe curtains

Home furnishings; Curtains

Short curtains that do not span the entire height of the window in which they are hung. They leave the top portion of the window completely uncovered. They provide privacy within the room but also ...


Home furnishings; Curtains

A metal or plastic hook placed at the side of a window to hold the draw cords of a shade or curtain.

curtain rod

Home furnishings; Curtains

A curtain rail or traverse rod is a device used to suspend curtains, usually above windows or along the edges of showers, though also wherever curtains might be used. When found in bathrooms, curtain ...

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