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Sports; Cycling

This is the method used to control the suspension in a fork, without damping a suspended fork would bounce and would make the bike almost uncontrollable.


Sports; Cycling

A middle distance track event where the bicyclist has the pace set by a motorcycle. There are usually four distances that the competitors race at: 800 meters, 1,500 meters, 3,000 meters and 10,000 ...


Sports; Cycling

This is a device that lets a cyclist change gears and it does this by moving the chain from one chain-ring or sprocket to another.

devil take the hindmost

Sports; Cycling

This is a race in which the last rider, after so many laps, across the finish line is eliminated from the race.

digging a pedal

Sports; Cycling

When a rider is leaning into a turn and a pedal hits or drags on the ground.


Sports; Cycling

If a rider gets off or dismounts from his bicycle he is not allowed to get back on but is allowed to wheel, carry or drag their bicycle across the finish line.


Sports; Cycling

A team rider who will forgo his or her individual accomplishment to help a designated teammate win a race.

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