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Developmental anatomy

The study of the development of fertalized egg to adult.

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Developmental anatomy


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

A granular protoplasmic body; a plastid, formed from cytotrophoblast, eventually surrounds the entire embryo; insert themselves between uterine epithelial cells, then spread along the epithilial ...


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

Toward a belly, venter, or ventral aspect.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The top or crown of the head.

yolk sac

Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The yolk sac in man contains no nutrients so in this aspect is vestigial. However, the its embryonic endodermal roof is the source of the mucous membrane of almost the entire intestinal tract. The ...

zona pellucida

Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

A thick, transparent, noncellular layer or envelope of uniform thickness surrounding an oocyte. Also called the oolemma.

segmentation cavity

Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

The fluid-filled cavity of the mass of cells produced by cleavage of a fertilized ovum.


Anatomy; Developmental anatomy

One of the paired, block like masses of mesoderm, arranged segmentally alongside the neural tube of the embryo, forming the vertebral column and segmental musculature.

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