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Distilled liquor

Of or pertaining to any alcoholic beverage obtained by distillation from wine, fermented fruit or plant juice, or from various cereal grains that have first been brewed.

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Distilled liquor


Beverages; Distilled liquor

Rakia (also Rakija or Raki) is a popular throughout the Balkans alcoholic beverage produced by distillation of fermented fruit.


Beverages; Distilled liquor

Pacharan is an alcoholic drink typical from Navarre (Spain). It is made with sloe berries put in anisette for a period between one and eight months, and the result is a reddish-brown liquid around ...


Beverages; Distilled liquor

A small amount of alcohol. A shot glass is the drinking glass-shaped container in which such an amount is measured or served.


Beverages; Distilled liquor

A cocktail made by combining liquor with lemon juice and a little sugar.


Beverages; Distilled liquor

Made of lemon juice, ice, sugar, with any basic liquor. Similar to highly concentrated punch. Garnished with a lemon slice and a cherry.


Beverages; Distilled liquor

Made from the fermented juice of grapes. If another fruit is used it appears on the label. Under 14 to 20% alcohol.


Beverages; Distilled liquor

A spirit distilled from malted grain, esp. barley or rye.

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