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modified meeting package (MMP)

Convention; Event planning

Refers to a conference package that has been altered slightly from the standard CMP. Typically, an MMP is a full conference package with the exception of one meal (dinner in most cases).

move-in/move-out dates

Convention; Event planning

Dates set for installation/dismantling of an exposition.

non-residential center

Convention; Event planning

A type of conference center that offers all of the components of a conference center except overnight guest rooms.


Convention; Event planning

A guest who fails to appear for a reservation without canceling.

organizational official

Convention; Event planning

Top level attendees not directly involved in the planning of the meeting.


Convention; Event planning

Number of covers set over the guarantee. Paid for by the client only if actually consumed.

pace report

Convention; Event planning

Room block report detailing original block and pick-up (rooms reserved or actualized) at specific intervals.

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