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Convention; Event planning

The "living room" of a suite in a hotel room.

part-day, day room

Convention; Event planning

A guest room reserved for a certain period of time only, usually 9am-5pm.

performance clause/attrition clause

Convention; Event planning

A performance clause is the percentage of flexibility from what's contracted to what's accepted, without any financial restitution. An attrition clause is the additional revenues to be charged if ...

personalized online group page

Convention; Event planning

Enables group attendees to quickly and easily reserve their event guest rooms online from a customized event web page, giving them the event and hotel details, rates, dates, and more in one ...

post-convention meeting

Convention; Event planning

Debriefing of hotel performance, held with key senior management and the meeting planner.

pre-block vs. pre-register

Convention; Event planning

Pre blocked is a room blocked on paper or in the computer but does not show the guest registered in the room. Pre-registered shows the guest in the room but not yet checked in.

pre-convention meeting

Convention; Event planning

Meeting of key department heads and customer to review and discuss critical aspects of the upcoming meeting.

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