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private dining

Convention; Event planning

Terminology used to designate a group meal function that is over and above what is included the CMP. Typically requiring a private location in lieu of the conference dining room and often a ...


Convention; Event planning

Generically designed information explaining to the customer how the hotel can provide the services and products for their meeting or event.

quick contract

Convention; Event planning

Modified version of convention contract for small meetings.

reservations automated processing input and delive

Convention; Event planning

A computer system with the ability to receive reservations electronically or on diskette from external sources, such as customer, convention bureau, or third-party meeting planner.

reader board

Convention; Event planning

Daily posting of scheduled events.

rear screen

Convention; Event planning

Slide or video projection that is done from the back of the screen. This gives a more professional image to the set-up, but also takes up more space.


Convention; Event planning

The amount that needs to be credited or rebated to a guest folio.

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