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palomar knot

Sports; Fishing

An easy to tie knot that is exceptionally strong, and very popular with bass fishing pros for tying on jigs and worm hooks. It's somewhat awkward to tie when using lures with treble hooks, but it is ...

improved clinch knot

Sports; Fishing

A simple yet very strong knot for tying hooks and lures to fishing line that is most often used by anglers. Being quick and easy to tie are the main reasons behind its popularity. When tied perfectly ...

scatter point

Sports; Fishing

Under water landscape position where fish start to separate or scatter. Scatter point is often found in shallow water at or close to a breakline.

popping cork

Sports; Fishing

A styrofoam cork that gurgles when yanked to imitate sounds of fish feeding on top, thereby attracting the attention of gamefish.

zipper worm

Sports; Fishing

A plastic worm that features a flat body with ridges that look like a zipper on clothing.

trolling motor

Sports; Fishing

A small electric fishing motor, typically mounted at the bow of a boat, that is used as secondary propulsion for boat positioning. It's often used for maneuvering the boat quietly in fishing areas.

trailer hook

Sports; Fishing

An extra hook added to a single-hook lure, such as a spinnerbait or weedless spoon. It's sometimes referred to as a "cheater hook."

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