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Texas rig

Sports; Fishing

The method of securing a hook to a soft-plastic bait, such as a worm, lizard, crawfish, so that the hook is weedless. A bullet-shaped slip sinker is threaded onto the line and then a hook is tied to ...

fluorocarbon line

Sports; Fishing

A type of fishing line that is often invisible below the water's surface because it has light refracting properties very similar to water.


Sports; Fishing

A sonar-operated monitoring device mounted in a boat that is used to read the bottom structure, determine water depth, and in some cases actually spot the fish. This is sometimes called a fishfinder.

culprit worm

Sports; Fishing

A soft plastic bait that emulates a worm and is most often fished using a Texas rig. These worms feature a ribbon tail that flutters as the bait is retrieved and acts as a visual lure for predatory ...

Florida rig

Sports; Fishing

A rig similar to the Texas rig with the only difference being the weight is secured by screwing it into the bait. The worm sinker has a metal cork screw in the base so that the angler can screw it ...

sight fishing

Sports; Fishing

Method of angling the bait, where fishermen can actually see the fish they are attempting to catch. Sight fishing requires clear water.

short strike

Sports; Fishing

When a fish hits at a lure but misses it.

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