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Herbs & spices


Food (other); Herbs & spices

A salt expert. Someone who is knowledgeable about salt and understand what kind of salt would be most appropriate for any given food item or meal. The term selmelier was coined by Mark Bitterman ...

bay leaves

Food (other); Herbs & spices

A spice flavoring that consists of the dried leaves obtained from the evergreen tree Laurus nobilis, also called sweet bay or laurel tree. They have a sweet, herbaceous flavor and are used as an ...

Naga Viper

Food (other); Herbs & spices

A new species of chili pepper, voted to be the spiciest in the world (having scored a whopping 1,359,000 on the Scoville scale, as opposed to the 2,500+ of most jalapeño peppers). The Naga Viper was ...


Food (other); Herbs & spices

The seed of anise, used to flavour liqueurs and sweet.

sesame seed

Food (other); Herbs & spices

spice (dried whole seeds) Description: Tiny, flat seeds pale ivory (most common), brown, red or black. Familiar hamburger bun garnish. Nutty, slightly sweet. Uses: Breads, cakes, cookies, dips, ...


Food (other); Herbs & spices

herb (leaves, whole or crushed) Description: Delicate, narrow, pointed, dark-green leaves. Mild licorice flavor. Uses: Eggs, meats, pickling, poultry, salads, sauces, dressings, "fines herbes" blend


Food (other); Herbs & spices

herb (leaves or ground) Description: Garden thyme (most common) is a bush with gray-green leaves, member of the mint family. Very aromatic, minty, tea-like. Uses: Fish, meats, poultry, soups, stocks, ...

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