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Facilities that are established for the purpose of temporary housing for guests.

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star ratings

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A system to rank hotels based on the quality of facility and service. The star ratings are 1 through 5 with a five start hotel being the best, or a luxury hotel. There is no unified international ...

morning call

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A morning call is a call that the hotel gives you in the morning to help you wake up. Most English speakers would say it is a wake up call.

Atlantis Resort (Dubai)

Travel; Hotels

Dubai has purchased the famous Atlantis resort that was once owned by Kerzner International Holdings, Ltd. The resort, located atop Dubai's palm-shaped island (Palm al Jumeira), features a water ...

registration card

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A form on which arriving guests record their names, addresses, and other details including mode of transportation used, nationality, purpose of visit (usually business or pleasure), method of ...

press/publicity release

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

A news article or feature story written by the subject of the story for delivery and potential placement in the media.

person trip visit

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

Every time a person travels more than 100 miles (round-trip) in a day or stays overnight away from their primary domicile, whether for business or leisure purposes, they make one “person trip visit. ...

pow wow

Tourism & hospitality; Hotels

The largest international travel marketplace held in the United States, sponsored by the Travel Industry Association of America.

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