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Corporations are a different form of partnership. They are artificial persons who can own property, pay taxes, hire employees, and engage in business.

articles of incorporation

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The document that frames the creation, organization, day-to-day operation, identity of registered agent, and dissolution of a corporation.

judicial dissolution

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A court's determination that a company should be dissolved for the good of the partners because the business has engaged in illegal activities.

constructive trust doctrine

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The theory that a partner who acquires profits for his own enrichment holds such funds for the benefit of the company as a whole and can be ordered to return such funds to the other partners.

actual authority

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Actual authority refers to the specific instructions, rights, and parameters granted to the agent from the principal.


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Confirmation of a prior act that may not have been authorized but to which the principal agrees to be bound is called ratification.

material fact

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A critical fact in the contract or negotiations; one that, if truthfully revealed, might abort the transaction.

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