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Oriental rugs

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Oriental rugs


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

Personable ethnic group of Central Afghanistan.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

Wester Afghan center and state of mind. often art capital of Central Asia.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A very common repeated field design which consists of a flower centered in a diamond with curving leaves located outside the diamond and parallel to each side. The term can be also referred to "Mahi" ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A western Turkish town known for very finely woven silk Hereke rugs having designs of classic Persian motifs, curvilinear Ghiordes prayer rugs, and frequently include border inscriptions.Hereke rugs ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

One of the most famous centers for oriental rugs production. The city is located in northwest Iran about forty miles west of Tabriz. Although a low knot count of about 30-80 is commonly used, these ...


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

Dutch painter's name attached to a type of Anatolian carpet design and group.


Home furnishings; Oriental rugs

A process in which fabric designs are created by tie-dyeing warps and/or wefts before they are used on the looms. A fabric produced by this process.

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