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Of or pertaining to a snack in which a variety of foods is placed between two pieces of bread.

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western sandwich or denver sandwich

Snack foods; Sandwiches

Scrambled eggs or an egg omelet cooked with green peppers, ham and onions and served hot on toast or a roll. Some culinary historians believe that it was the invention of Chinese cooks who prepared ...


Snack foods; Sandwiches

A tostada is the Mexican equivalent of an open-face sandwich, made on a crisp tortilla instead of a slice of bread.

tavern sandwich

Snack foods; Sandwiches

A variety of sloppy Joe sandwich from the Midwest consisting of unseasoned sautéed ground beef and onions mixed on a bun. It can be topped with pickles, ketchup and mustard. It is also called a loose ...


Snack foods; Sandwiches

The purpose of the spread is to moisten both the bread and the filling. The most common are mayonnaise and mustard, but can also include barbecue sauce, cheese sauce, chutney, ketchup, steak sauce, ...


Snack foods; Sandwiches

Chunks of lamb, pork, chicken, beef or venison marinated in a tart vinegar-based sauce, grilled on a metal skewer then served hot in between sliced Italian bread with extra sauce. Originally from ...

sandwich loaf

Snack foods; Sandwiches

A large, multi-layer sandwich made to look like a cake, and frosted with colored cream cheese. The layers can be made of white or wheat bread or specialty breads (raisin, oatmeal) and filled with ...

sandwiches de miga

Snack foods; Sandwiches

Argentinean tea sandwiches made on thin white bread with the crusts removed; that crustless part of the bread is the “miga”. Sandwiches de miga can be single or double layered with a variety of ...

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