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Silicon wafer

A silicon wafer is a thin, circular slice of single-crystal semiconductor material used in manufacturing of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.

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Silicon wafer


Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

A cylinder or rectangular solid of poly crystalline or single crystal silicon, generally of slightly irregular dimensions.

intrinsic gettering

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Process in which gettering of contaminants and/or defects in a semiconductor is accomplished (without any physical interactions with the wafer) by a series of heat treatments.

monitor grade

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Used mostly for particle monitors.

minority carrier

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Type of charge carrier constituting less than one half the total charge carrier concentration.


Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Process which moves contaminants and/or defects in a semiconductor away from its top surface into its bulk and traps them there, creating a denuded zone.

Jeida Flat

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Japanese standard for major/minor flat length.

float-zone crystal growth

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

The method used to form single crystal semiconductor substrates (alternative to CZ);poly crystalline material is converted into single-crystal by locally melting the plane where a single crystal seed ...

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