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Silicon wafer

A silicon wafer is a thin, circular slice of single-crystal semiconductor material used in manufacturing of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.

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Silicon wafer

physical vapor deposition (PVD)

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Deposition of thin film occurs through physical transfer of material (e.g. Thermal evaporation and sputtering) from the source to the substrate; the chemical composition of deposited material is not ...

oxygen in silicon

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Oxygen finds its way into silicon during the Czochralski single-crystal growth process; in moderate concentration (below 1017cm3) oxygen improves mechanical properties of a silicon wafer;excess ...

nanometer, nm

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Unit of length commonly used in semiconductor industry; one billionth of a meter, 10-9m (nm); terms such as microchip and micro technology are being replaced with nanochip and nanotechnology.


Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

An intentionally fabricated indent of specified shape and dimensions oriented such that the diameter passing through the center of the notch is parallel with a specified low index crystal direction.

n-type semiconductor

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Semiconductor in which the concentration of electrons is much higher than the concentration of holes (p>>n); electrons are majority carriers and dominate conductivity.

localized light-scatter

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

An isolated feature, such as particle or pit, on or in a wafer surface, resulting in increased light scattering intensity relative to that of the surrounding wafer surface; sometimes called a light ...

Miller indices

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

The smallest integers proportional to the reciprocals of the intercepts of the plane on the three crystal axes of unit length.

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