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Silicon wafer

A silicon wafer is a thin, circular slice of single-crystal semiconductor material used in manufacturing of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.

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Silicon wafer

p-type semiconductor

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Semiconductor in which the concentration of holes is much higher than the concentration of electrons (n>>p); holes are majority carriers and dominate conductivity.

primary flat

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

The flat of longest length on the wafer, oriented such that the chord is parallel with a specified low index crystal plane; major flat.

poly crystalline material

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Many (often) small single-crystal regions are randomly connected to form a solid; size of regions varies depending on the material and the method of its formation. Heavily-doped poly Si is commonly ...


Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Process applied to either reduce roughness of the wafer surface or to remove excess material from the surface; typically polishing is a mechanical-chemical process using a chemically reactive slurry.

point defect

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

A localized crystal defect such as lattice vacancy,interstitial atom, or substitutional impurity. Contrast with light point defect.


Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

A small,discrete piece of foreign material or silicon not connected crystallography to the wafer.

planar defect

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Also known as area defect; basically an array of dislocations, e.g. Grain boundaries,stacking faults.

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