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Silicon wafer

A silicon wafer is a thin, circular slice of single-crystal semiconductor material used in manufacturing of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.

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Silicon wafer

seed crystal

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Single crystal material used in crystal growing to set a pattern for the growth of material in which this pattern is reproduced.

secondary flat

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

A flat of length shorter than the primary orientation flat, whose position with respect to the primary orientation flat identifies the type and orientation of the wafer; minor flat.


Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

The more narrowly spaced components of surface texture.


Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

Single-crystal Al2O3; can be synthesized and processed into various shapes; highly resistant chemically; transparent to UV radiation.

electrical resistivity

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

The measure of difficulty with which charged carriers flow through a material; the reciprocal of conductivity.

reclaim grade

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

A lower quality wafer that has been used in manufacturing and then reclaimed (etched or polished) and subsequently used again in manufacturing.

prime grade

Semiconductors; Silicon wafer

The highest grade of a silicon wafer. SEMI indicates the bulk, surface, and physical properties required to label silicon wafers as "Prime Wafers". Used to manufacture devices, etc. , best grade has ...

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